You’re unique and wonderful


Are you the kind of person who gets demotivated every now and then?
Oh yeah come on, you are lucky; be glad
You have the best opportunity to fight back
Most tough situations are the most memorable
Let’s say…You are not considered handsome, even Gandhi’s not
You’re under-estimated, even the great Ramanujan was
You’ve failed every single time, even Thomas Alva Edison did
You had an unsuccessful love story, millions of others have
No one is helping you,it’s the same for the roadside beggar
No one is praising you,it’s been the same for thousands of homemakers
Everything is perishing for you? Hundreds of poor people have already been
Expectations are very high on you, what about Virat Kohli?
Someone hating you even you try to do good; Many politicians are also
What keeps them back in the track, do you think their brains and hearts function differently?
Your problems are not just yours, Your feelings are just case studies
The only point is we feel that we are the owners of those and only we have such happenings
No…No….Not at all, read yourself and all the above lines once again
You are nowhere less than a winner, you are unique and wonderful.

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