What is Our National Game?

Most of us have seen a plethora of debates on our National Game and whenever we gather and ponder over this issue, we feel a lot needs to be done in this regard. But still, conditions are getting worse day by day. In the last 5 years, debates and discussion on the importance of our National games have increased a lot but still, Hockey is not getting the fame and respect which it deserves. There is no need for being a philanthropist or magnanimous to think over this issue. What I feel is that “being an Indian is more than enough to think about Hockey“.

Though all these statements might sound sarcastic but there is a harsh reality behind it. At present Hockey is concentrated in few Indian states and others don’t want to accept or play it. There is a hustle-bustle of blame game all around. People are blaming players, players are blaming IOA, IOA is blaming Government and Government is blaming people as people are not interested in this game anymore. Though each one of us wants to make a change still we are at the same place from where we started our journey of transformation for this game.

Starting a new task is a little bit troublesome and retaining momentum is not that hectic. But it is quite disgusting that when it comes to Hockey we have become numb. Adopting and learning new skills is a good thing but we are going away from our core while doing so.

We are a Cricket centric Nation and doing awesome in Cricket. Cricket is a religion for many of us and Sachin is still our God but just because the glorious days of the Indian Hockey are on hold, we have completely lost faith in Hockey and have stopped supporting Hockey. But we should keep one thing in mind that someday or the other, the same thing may occur with Cricket. Then we may have to search for a new Religion and a new God.

To uplift something, there is no need to suppress other things but there is a need to think positively, logically. Figuratively we are not able to do so in Sports Arena.

                                   Reasons for Hockey’s Relegation

There is no exact reason, why it is so? And it is for sure that no single person is responsible for it, but everyone is a part and parcel of it. 

  • As very less amount of money is involved in this game in the country as compared to other games, so it can be one reason for hampering its growth.
  • Though I should not say this but it is a reality that people treat Hockey as a cheap game. No one wants their kids to play this game.
  • Lack of emphasis by the government can be another reason for it. As there is very less amount of funding from the government side, so it is becoming so tough to raise the standard of the game. 
  • Hockey is concentrated in a few states of the country. Most of the players in the National Team are from these states. Due to which it has become like a state game despite being National Game.

                           What We Should Do:

  • The government should do proper funding for this Game, otherwise, it will be so tough to raise the standard of Hockey in the Country.
  • It is the responsibility of Schools too that they should come forward in a positive manner. School is the first phase from where the career of a sportsman starts. All schools in the country should make Hockey as a compulsory game and should work hard in teaching skills of this game to students.
  • There should be the amiable promotion of this game by former Hockey players who possess good skills and techniques.
  • Last but not least, we should try our best in order to make it a National Game but at least we should treat it as our National Game.

“Learn Cricket for yourself but Hockey for your Nation”. We have denigrated our National Game a lot, now the time has come to change it.

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