Uttarakhand: A State of 2 Cities

I would like to start this with some stats from my village. When i was 10, there used to be around 80 homes in my village and i am 27 now and we are left with 30 homes and 50 houses now. When i looked around what i have analysed that these 30 homes belong to the people who are living their live in penury and once these people or their kids will start making some money there will be more homes in the village and i vouch you that in a span of next 10 years , we will be left with no homes but only houses.


I have mixed feelings here, i am quite happy with the fact that people have started making more money but worried for the reason that villages are going empty. Question here is Are we doing any justice with our villages. I have mentioned stats of one village above but this is the story of all the villages in Uttarakhand.

Though we have smartphones all around in my village and each one has a facebook account but still we have only 1 school imparting knowledge because opening a school in a place is not a good business idea. It has been 17 years we still do have not a library , no colleges yet. But interesting thing is that the even if the Population has reduced but still we have a MP seat. And even i am not sure whether writing this blog makes some sense as i am not sure what can be done to rectify this problem and what makes me satisfied is the feelings and memories which i carry inside me while visiting from one place to another.

People have been migrating all over the globe and we are flooding other cities. And conditions in these cities is detoritaing as the these cities doesn’t have enough capacity and capability to hold such inflow. Delhi, Banglore, Pune are such examples. In the above cases, Haldwani(Naintal District) has been flooded with all villages from Kumaon region. Dehradun is another such example from from Garhwal region. After 40 years , Uttarakhand will be a State with 2 Cities and rest of the districts will be just on papers.

Please see the below snapshot for the same.

As per the data released by Government of India, there has been reduction of 1.28% in population of Almora between time span of 10 years(2001-2011) But district has seen 3.67% increase in the previous span. In the same way density has reduced as well and it’s not due the family planning but due to the migration.
Area of Almora: 3,144 square kilometers
Density in 2011: 198 people per sq km
Density in 2001: 204 people per sq km

But on the other side Nainital District specially Haldwani has seen high percentage of influx. As per the data realeased, there has been increase of 32.72% in poulation of Distrct between timespan of 10 years(2001-2011).

Area of Nainital:4,251 square kilometers
Density in 2011:198 people per sq km
Density in 2001:225 peiple per sq km

And trust me this data will be more volatile in 2021. People need to show concern and governement has to ponder the cause of this migration. Because if there is no change in the scenario, Uttarakanhd will become a State with only two cities.

For More details regarding the data released by Government regarding the population

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