Born in a country that she never wanted to be;
dreams in her eyes she always had seen;
grown-up as a bird she had always liked;
wings with immense power through which she always flies;

all her childhood was spent like a game;
where she always used to be the winner of the game;
but her attitude became a problem as she had grown;
but that was not a real problem which she had known;

she was a winner which all realize;
carrying a light in her soul and eyes;
but society tried all the things to decide;
and always tries to denigrate her with their heart and mind;

she was the one with very wide views;
she saw the world as a mosaic zoo;
but later on everything became an illusion;
even she was going away from her passion;

she saw this world in an erratic manner;
all her dreams were hammered;
she felt down from zenith to ground;
she was in confusion that ” whether this earth is really round”

all the yob tried to cease her;
no-one was there in order to please her;
she was a truant no-one felt that;
all tried to confine her and she felt very sad;
people treated her as a scrap;
all her life became like a detached map;

but she was a winner and she always used to be;
it doesn’t matter what the condition termed to be;
grappling for rights was her passion;
and our ideas towards her were old fashioned;

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