Responsibility of Women in Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Though our Indian society has progressed a lot and we are living in the 21st century as a developing nation but still we are lacking in many major areas as compared to other developing nations. And one such issue which weakens us is the situation of females in our society. Women’s empowerment is of utmost importance in Indian Society because still in our society females are treated as second-grade citizens. Despite all these debates and discussions about women’s empowerment condition of women is still vulnerable in the country.

The main question which arises is that “who is responsible for all these atrocities faced by females? Either society, culture, lack of education or women themselves” .

All these above-mentioned factors are responsible for this situation because families put a lot of restrictions on females in their families. Even a mother does not understand her daughter in a perfect way and even she also put her daughter under the same circumstances which she had gone through in her life. It weakens the confidence of females, put them in extreme pressure. And it’s not only the money which plays a major role and but the freedom includes mental freedom too which allows them to make their own decisions by putting themselves in the first position.

What I believe is that to some extent women are also responsible for the adversities which they face, even women think of themselves as second-grade citizens. They have to fight for their rights because if you are ignorant about your rights and duties then anyone can exploit you. And if you are not interested in your rights then why others will care for your rights? Even women will have to change their mindset and should never try to underestimate themselves.

It is quite bizarre to know that all those states which have a lower literacy rate and where the amount of freedom provided to female is low, have more cases of women exploitation as compared to other states.
Literacy rate of India as per Population Census of India is 74.04% in 2011 but the male contribution to this rate is 82.14 % and female contributes 65.46% to it. After GDP, the Literacy rate is another criteriaon on the basis of which growth rate and development of a nation can be measured.

All those nations which have a better literacy rate of women are developed than those which have a lower literacy rate even though the literacy rate of the male in both nations is the same.

Though India is a developing country, it cannot become a developed one until women are in an adverse situation. Progress of a nation is directly dependent on the position of females in that society. You can compare this progress by taking various examples such as “Western nations are in a much better position than us because living standards of females and freedom provided to them is better in this western nation as compared to us”. Though the economy of most middle eastern countries is flourishing still those countries are not termed as developed and are not seen as example. It’s because women are not given equal rights as men.

So women empowerment is most growing need of the nation and it can be done on the various basis such as:

Individual Basis: No one in the home should be discriminated against on the basis of sex. If the son of the house deserves to go to engineering college then girl the house should not be discriminated and she can also go to engineering college if she would like.

Societal Basis: Equal rights and equal opportunities should be provided to all people in society irrespective of their sex.

So it’s not solely the responsibility of the government to fight for their rights but women have to come forward and ask for their rights from which they have been deprived. If you will care for yourselves then there will be millions who will join the league but if you will not ask for your rights then why others will care for you.

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