Panchayat Election In Uttarakhand

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The Himalayan State of Uttarakhand will be going through the Panchayat Election in the Month of October. Due to the migration issues, people interested in these elections have reduced in a few districts. But still, there are some districts where people are enthusiastic and have hopes from these elections. Election will be taking place in phases from October 6 to October 16 and results will be announced on October 21.
Uttarakhand State Election Commissioner Chandrashekhar Bhatt will be in charge of supervising these state elections. But there is an interesting scenario which we could see in these elections. Some rules have been enacted by-election commissioner which might be helpful for successful election as the Candidates are looking more capable at least in papers.

New Rules Enacted by Election Commission for Eligibility:

  • As per the new amendment, candidates should have passed 10th standard and should not have more than two living children, one of whom is born 300 days after the enforcement of the new law, for the eligibility to fight the elections.
  • There is some concession in rules for females and SC/ST male candidates as they are required to have only eight pass certificate to contest the election.
  • SC/ST women must have passed class 5th for the eligibility.

I have had discussions with the guys in the village and they are struggling with finding the right candidate for contesting the election. Again the major reason for the same has been migration and a new set of rules has made it more difficult for the guys staying in the village. And right now there are only villages left with suitable candidates to vote for. For information regarding the Migration Problem in Uttraakahd
Villages, please read the below link

Uttarakhand, being a peace-loving state with the second-lowest crime rate in the country after Nagaland is quite hopeful about these elections. Panchayat elections are building blocks for the country nation.
Though there is less significance given to these but these elections are quite critical for the nation-building as still today 65% of our population resides in villages.

Best of luck to all the candidates contesting in Panchayat Election. Hope we will see a better tomorrow.

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