KEC Dwarahat – Its Beyond Imagination

KEC Dwarahat

I was born in 1991 at some interior place which was not even visible in the Indian map when I came into existence. I have gone through phases and I have seen the season. I have narrowed down the gap between technology and people since my birth when many of you were not born. I have taught my beloved ones how to live in atrocities and perform extraordinarily. I don’t know whether if I still have someplace in your hearts or whether I’m a part of your memories.

I don’t whether you still believe or not that I changed you and immature guys into responsible men. All because of me, you got to know the minute difference between bravery and foolishness. I remember telling you that a friend is more important than the percentage. I still remember witnessing the escalation of your capacity from quarter to half and from Kingfisher to Old Monk. I only gave you the first girl when you were an infant in terms of love.

I literally shed into tears when you were walking away from me without any job. But during all those years I tried my best to turn you into an individual who can even grab the things even which are out of your reach. And I was quite sure that one day you will help me to get someplace on the Indian map.

I love when you come to me and try to analyze the difference between my past and future. I’m quite glad that I’m not only a college but I’m a platform which has changed the lives of many people like you and your friends. I am your “KEC Dwarahat – which is beyond Imagination”.

I got a quite good response from my last blog “KEC Dwarahat – An Amiable Place”. But I was stunned by one of the reader’s reactions who told me that 15 lines are not enough to describe such an amazing place, which tended me to write this blog.

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