It’s a Power Game, Pakistan should Understand it, the sooner, the better

Power Game

Abrogation of Article 370 came at the correct time, no other time would have been better than this for India and nothing worse than this for Pakistan. At the current stage, Pakistan is at the verge of bankruptcy and the whole world knows this. That is the main reason why World world community is not supporting Pakistan but India in the cause. The discussion regarding this abrogation whether this is morally correct or not is a different discussion. And when it comes to International Diplomacy, Morality and Justice takes the back seat and it’s the power which drives the game otherwise war in Yemen would have ended long back.

During 1990, when a revolt arose in Kashmir for independence, India was at the verge of losing Kashmir, or the sanctions were on its way to force India to drop the idea of Kashmir. Pakistan took the Kasmir matter to OIC(Organization of Islamic Cooperation) as a case of human rights violation against Muslims of the Kashmir. And if any country in OIC would like to pass any referendum or want support for any cause, all the countries have to support the cause. Even if there is a single voice against it, then it can’t be passed. In the ’90s when the matter went to OIC, every country favoured Pakistan, except Iran due to its diplomatic ties with India and India being a big market for its oil. 46 countries supported Pakistan in the 90’s not because of the Islamic reason, but it was the powerful Pakistan who was fighting the cause.

Today, Pakistan is more Islamic than ever before but still, there are less than 30% of the countries in OIC supporting Pakistan. The reason being India has emerged as a very powerful nation in these 2 decades. Its diplomatic ties with the US, Russia, France, Israel, UK are better than ever before. And on the other side, Pakistan has lost most of it whatever it gained in past. Rulers of Pakistan never had a constructive approach and the Army is the driving the state instead of State driving the Army. State never controlled army which can be seen by their actions in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 and later doing the genocide of PLO activists when Jordan asked them to do so. All these steps were taken without any thought or by individuals for their personal gain has led Pakistan down and India on the other hand has a neutral approach on these issues. It was its Muslim population which it has to appease so always favoured Palestine. But later when some of the Muslim nations started having their peace treaty with Israel, India did change their attitude towards Israel. And this was an act of smart diplomacy. India’s neutral nature in capitalist communist cold war is commendable. This is the beauty of democracy where power is not concentrated in a few hands. There are institution and organizations which care for the country.

If you talk about human rights violation, Kashmir has remained the same. The hostile nature of most of the Kashmiris against the Indian Government has been there from long. But during the ’80s, ’90s and early years of 21st century, Pakistan used to capitalize on this hostility and used to get support from International diaspora on Kashmir matter and India never had a strong position on. But panorama has shifted now and International community supports India on Kashmir. International community was/is never bothered about the likes and dislikes of the Kashmiris. It’s the power which is driving the show. And history tells poor might get sympathy but it’s the power which gets support.

So in order to get the same privileges which India is enjoying right now, Pakistan has to make sure that they are as strong as India internally. And in order to get the same strength internally, they have to make sure that they are getting support from Balochs, Pashtuns, Sindhis. And the Government of Pakistan has to make sure that it’s a safe destination for other religions too. It’s not a task which can be accomplished in a day as Rome was not built in a day but will take at least a decade to a make things better. But if measures are not taken soon, even Allaha won’t be able to save Pakistan.
Problem with Pakistan is that they have introduced their own version of Islam, which allows them to do corruption, perform ethnic cleansing of minorities or forceful conversion of other minorities to Islam. And at the end of the day, Islam being escape way for their problem. They tell the world that you have symptoms of Islamophobia which is not correct. I am not sure why Islam is coming into the picture and they are the only ones who are using it to prove their agenda.

Whatever action Pakistan took in 1980 have it’s consequences now. Joining the Afghan-Soviet war from the US side was one of the major mistakes they did. Because if you raise a snake in your backyard, the snake will end up in biting you. That is the difference between a snake and a dog. And Pakistan was in a jolly mood when the snake was biting others but they start feeling the pain when the snake started biting the owner because it’s the nature of snake to bite. And the audience paid the dollar bills left the show once everything was done.

And later after 9/11, when everyone started chasing the snake, panorama became more fierce and many innocents were killed by the snake. And in all these years, this snake has taken gigantic form and have started breeding too. And now condition as such you don’t know which room is safe to sleep. And instead of killing these snakes, Pakistan is trying to turn the snakes’ way to the neighbours’ house. But they one thing they didn’t realise that neighbour has so many snake charmers and that these snakes get killed before biting anyone but still neighbours have to face the colletral damage.

Only thing which Pakistan can do right now, is to kill snake wherever they found them or take out the poison from them if that is an option.

During the recent UN gathering, there were only 2 countries Turkey and Malaysia who raised the issue and rest of the Muslim world is silent. They might have their reason to maintain the silence or they know that a house with a backyard full of snakes is not safe at all.

We can hope one day all the snakes will be killed and Indian sub-continent will be a peaceful place.

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