Have you lost her

You are a Shrine and your heart is divine;
But I was selfish to understand the benign;

Never gave you respect, never treated you well;
You deserved a lot but treated like a detached map;

I left you in the rain when you were in pain;
All your selfless love went in vain;

Tears in your eyes and endless nights of refrain;
I was heartless, who scarred even your soul;

The smile on your face and shine of your grace;
And you tried everything to keep things in the frame;

All these months of hustle-bustle;
You dripped even blood to calm the tussle;

It was my serendipity as you were there;
But I was too timid to understand your selflessness;

Don’t remember the terrain with ignorance and disgust;
You are a queen and you deserve a realm;

Pinnacle is waiting for your beauty and bravery;
Now you have met the knight who will always keep you happy;

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