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Uttarakhand: A State of 2 Cities

I would like to start this with some stats from my village. When i was 10, there used to be around 80 homes in my village and i am 27 now and we are left with 30 homes and 50 houses now. When i looked around what i...


What is Our National Game?

Most of us have seen plethora of debates on our National Game and every time when we gather and ponder over this issue, we feel a lot needs to be done in this regard. But still conditions are getting worse day by day. In last 5 years, debates...


A Virtual Open Letter From Modi for Poor & Losers

People may look at this letter as Political strategy to get votes, some may see this as a step to convince people to join the political party but I am not writing this letter to get something from you. There is a humble request from an Indian to...