A Virtual Open Letter From Modi for Poor & Losers

People may look at this letter as Political strategy to get votes, some may see this as a step to convince people to join my political party but I am not writing this letter to get something from you. This is a humble request from an Indian to another Indian that at least for the next ten minutes, don’t think of me as a politician or as PM but think of me as your friend and read it as a letter from your best friend.

Through this letter, I don’t want to address any particular community but I want to address all sections of the society who think they are alone and deprived of necessities and rights. This letter includes the story of my past, present and reflects my future too. I am not sure whether this letter is interesting or not but I vouch that these ten minutes may force you to set a new definition of caliber, capability, and limitation.

I don’t mean to say that I’m great but such a transition from Poverty to liberty is not only an example for you but me as well. That’s why I thought of sharing my experience with you. There is an advice to all from my side, whenever you face any problem, don’t panic, no need to take useless suggestions, just have a flashback of your life, I am quite sure that you will have a plethora of example where you would have crossed something more difficult than this. Do you know why I’m saying all these things with such confidence because according to my learning and experience, Life is a learning process where experience is the mother of all knowledge?

Coming to my childhood days. When I was a kid, nobody would have thought that I will become representative and voice of more 130 crore people, PM of India. When I look back even I can’t imagine that I have traveled all this way, crossed infinite hurdles and boundaries of limitations. I believe things have become possible only after altering the limits of my capability and caliber. Yeah, of course, I would have thought of doing something great for my nation just like you and others but never thought of becoming your PM. I think my life was quite interesting even though some might feel that it was full of misery and criticism. Again it’s a matter of perception how they see it.

Even during your journey in Life, you will come across hundreds of people with millions of advice but don’t follow anyone blindly. In my life, I have ignored all those who tried to teach me lessons of limitations and followed those steps who gave me lessons of being limitless. You are the only one who is going to decide your capability, caliber, and limitation.

All these parameters vary from one human to another and we are the only ones to decide their values. Life is full of lessons where you will learn a lot of things once you will start analyzing incidents around you. I didn’t go to any business school but still, people say that I know management quite well. Do you know why is it so, It’s because I was poor and poverty taught me how to survive in extreme disaster, how to make optimum use of resources? Is It was my learning from life. Just like many of you, I had spent the early days of my life in penury but now I believe that living in poverty wasn’t my weakness but it gave me a lot of strength. The best thing with people like us is that we don’t have many materialistic things to lose so we don’t need to care about the things we have. And People with such traits are capable of changing the outcomes of any competition.

This journey was quite interesting as a whole as it was an amalgamation of all experiences good and bad. Being a human, we all are affected by thoughts, ideas, information, and vision but what is more interesting than it may impact us either positively or negatively. Some run fast when they are criticized, blamed because they believe that they are not losers and they prove it but others stop their race once criticized. People who quit race are giving control of their life to someone else who even doesn’t know about the race and track. There is a small story I would like to share with you guys, Once Yuvraj Singh’s father took him to Navjot Singh Siddhu to provide him Cricket Training. But Siddhu told Yuvraj’s father that Yuvraj doesn’t have skills, inbuilt quality to become a cricketer and suggested Yuvraj leave Cricket. But Yuvi’s father didn’t quit the race and gave him good training. And today we know who is Yuvraj Singh. I don’t want to blame anyone via this story but the crux of the matter is, if Cricketer can’t judge other cricketer’s capability, caliber and limit then how come someone else will be able to decide your destiny.

At last, I will conclude this letter by saying if you feel that all these talks are hyperbole and not valid then I will ask you to look back at history again. You will come across one thing “a Rich Dad’s son has not done something great, it has been always a Poor Dad’s son who has done miracles, crossed limitations and I believe that they will do this again and again. This is so because Success doesn’t matter much but what matters a lot is the rate of Success.

A topper has to never face any competition because competition starts for the people who rank after him.

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